Our Board of Trustees are dynamic and dedicated individuals who are experienced in entrepreneurship, business, charity, HR, finance and leadership. They freely give their valuable time to provide governance and strategic direction and to ensure our resources are used as efficiently and effectively as possible to further our charitable objects as set out in our governing document.

We are also committed to having at least two young people aged 18-24 on our Board.

Gerald FitzGerald - Treasurer
Chief Operating Officer, Morgan McKinley

"Every person has a talent or at least an ability that for some comes to the fore easily for others it needs to be nourished and developed. In Opera I see a charity with the goal of nourishing the talent and abilities of our young people to help them blossom and grow so that they fulfil their potential. I hope that through working with Opera, I can in some small way help to advise and support Opera to really make a difference to the lives of the next generation and in doing so help them optimise their career opportunities and their abilities."

Anne McNamara
Director, Shine Bid Services

"Having founded The Big Issue in the North, I know how much work has gone into Opera over the last six months. I am delighted to be able to offer my support and to watch it grow."

Darren Ryemill
Founder & CEO, OPUS Professional Services Group

"Life is all about opportunity. It's about taking those that are given to us, but more importantly it's about creating opportunities for others. For me, Opera embodies that spirit. Giving young people a chance, young people that need hope and the opportunity to improve their lives through work. I cannot start to describe how proud I am to be a Founding Pioneer."

Tom Glanfield
CEO, LHi Group

"I am proud and honoured to be a founding pioneer of Opera. Esther is an inspiring leader and I am passionate about the work she and we, as recruitment business leaders, can do together to help young people explore their career opportunities, ultimately giving them a better future."

Logan Naidu
CEO Dartmouth Partners

"Founder and CEO of Dartmouth Partners. A notable track record in recruiting across financial services but with a particular focus on M&A and Private Equity. Whilst running the firm from a strategic perspective, I continue to be very actively involved in execution."