'One in ten young people believe they will amount to nothing, no matter how hard they try' - The Prince's Trust Macquarie Youth Index 2017

Worldwide, there are seventy one million young people who, through no fault of their own, face unemployment.

Behind the numbers there is a devastating impact on young people's lives.

Not having the skills or means with which to earn your way out of poverty is both degrading and disempowering. The trap of poverty, homelessness, abuse, crime, violence, poor mental health and addiction puts young people at risk of becoming not just unemployed but unemployable.

We believe young are people are worth more than this.

Founded by recruiters and youth charities who share our belief that every young person deserves to #thrive. We are OPERA. We want you to JOIN US.


Our work supports 16-24 years olds to find, gain and stay in work. 86% of those we help go on to stay in work. By donating now, you are directly providing the means for a young person to transform their life. Thank you for supporting a young person to #thrive, not just survive.


Recruitment Rowathon
2nd March 2018, Nationwide

OPERA Three Peaks Challenge
May/ June/ July 2018, England/ Scotland/ Wales